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Symfony 5 extensions

There’s no limit to the functionality you can incorporate in your Bolt project. At its core, Bolt is a Symfony application, so you can use the tools provided by the framework.

Twig templates

There's a reason why Twig is the de-facto standard across the PHP community. It is flexible, fast and secure. Take a look how easy it is to generate the HTML for your pages.

Built-in internationalisation

Need more languages? No problem, it's just one line of code. The even cooler thing? With field-level control you can decide exactly which parts of the page will be translated.

Out-of-the-box API

Bolt provides a RESTful and GraphQL API. No extra configuration needed. Use the CMS in headless mode, alongside a static site generator, or simply to feed data into whatever other platform.

Dummy content

Dummy content. You need it to test, or to showcase your work to your clients. Putting it in there is tiresome, though. Good news: not anymore. All you need to do is use one single line of code.

Best rich content editors

You get the best content editors: Article and Redactor. Fully licensed for use in Bolt itself. For free. With love. Because we believe creating and adapting content should be easy. Period.

Release Bolt 4

So, Bolt 4 is released. Just another new version of another open source CMS. No reason to get excited, right? Wrong. At least, that is what Ivo Valchev is going to try to convince me of. Ivo is one of the main developers for Bolt. He is of what I call “the internet generation”.…

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An update on Bolt 4

Hi, all! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a public update on the status of Bolt 4. By now, we’d planned to have released Bolt 4 already, but obviously we haven’t yet. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but these are strange times. That does not mean we’ve not been busy. In…

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