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Bolt is run by a dedicated community, which is active in several different locations on the internet. If you have questions or just want to explore Bolt a little further, be sure to get in touch, using one of the following ways:

Chat with us

  • There’s always some people willing to chat in our Slack channel at To get in, get yourself an invite at
  • We’re pretty active on Twitter. Follow us, or say hello at @BoltCMS
  • We are pretty easy-going, and make a conscious effort to be all-inclusive. See our manifesto for details


The official documentation has a lot of information. Have you tried searching? The search box is in the upper left corner. If you’re missing something in the docs, or if you’ve spotted an error: Please let us know on our GitHub tracker for documentation.

Technical issues?

For (potential) bugs and feature requests, open an issue on our GitHub Issue Tracker. Pull Requests are always welcome, as well. We've written comprehensive 'contributing' guidelines, to help you get started.

Company support

Finally, if you’re using Bolt in your company, and you need commercial support, feel free to get in touch with Two Kings. Two Kings is the Netherlands based web development company that’s spearheading the ongoing development of Bolt, and as such, they will ensure continuity for the project.