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Bolt 4.1.14 released


BReleased: 2021-02-26 You can update from previous Bolt 4 installs by running `composer update`. ### 🐛 Bug fixes - `|order` filter by negative number sorts correctly (I-Valchev, [#2428]( - From Library button on Windows generates the correct URL (I-Valchev, [#2422]( - Use `symfony/assets` URL generation for assets in `ImageExtension.php` (I-Valchev, [#2420]( - Don't break collection looping if definition changes (I-Valchev, [#2416]( - Don't ignore locale settings on initial request or clear session (I-Valchev, [#2408]( - Fix taxonomy `listing_template` inconsistency. Fix the canonical for `slug` and `singular_slug` (I-Valchev, [#2407]( - Don't show old fields in a `set` if they're removed from the definition (I-Valchev, [#2400]( ### 🛠️ Miscellaneous - Make Embed fields accessible (I-Valchev, [#2430]( - Update `_multiselect.scss` (fine-tuning CSS) (eduardomart, [#2389]( ### 🤖 Tests - Don't use `dump` in setcontent tests (I-Valchev, [#2426]( - Use more specific selector for the `setcontent` [no] test page (I-Valchev, [#2418]( ### ⚙️ Code Quality / Developer Experience - Keep `sensiolabs/security-checker` around for now (bobdenotter, [#2394](

An update on Bolt 4

Written by Admin on July 29, 2020 08:15

Hi, all! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a public update on the status of Bolt 4. By now, we’d planned to have released Bolt 4 already, but obviously we haven’t yet. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but these are strange times. That does not mean we’ve not been busy. In…

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Release Bolt 4

Written by Anne on March 4, 2021 21:55

So, Bolt 4 is released. Just another new version of another open source CMS. No reason to get excited, right? Wrong. At least, that is what Ivo Valchev is going to try to convince me of. Ivo is one of the main developers for Bolt. He is of what I call “the internet generation”.…

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