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Bolt 5.1.24 released


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Written by Admin on June 14, 2021

John Doe. 2021. linkedin-link-is-here. Tell us a little bit about yourself I do cool stuff How long have you used Bolt for, what do you like about it? Yayy With the new release, Bolt is coming out with your new feature. Tell us about it fdsafds…

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🚀 Big Announcement: Bolt 5.0 on the horizon

Written by Ivo on March 01, 2021

Hi there Bolt Community ☕️ Our community's outstanding contributions It has been close to 6 months since Bolt's complete rebuild was released, and oh boy, what a journey it has been! In that short amount of time, the core team has accepted over 320 Pull Requests in our main open…

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Announcement: Bolt Developer Survey 2021

Written by Ivo on February 10, 2021

Hi there Bolt Community ☕️ With Bolt 4 out and about for some time now, we achieved a complete rebuild of the content management system. Now that Bolt is put on stable footing with Symfony 5 best practices, it's time to look forward. Do you want to help steer Bolt's future? The…

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Join us for our monthly catch-up this Tuesday

Written by Admin on February 04, 2021

Live Bolt catch-up this Tuesday Building on our renewed catch-ups from last year, we're hosting a live conversation this Tuesday 9 February at 20:00 CET. Bob will talk about our recent work, we'll discuss the new features coming up from our community, and probably chat over…

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Launching 👩🏾‍💻 🧑‍🎨 Join the list of Bolt designers and developers for the world to see.

Written by Ivo on July 17, 2024

Hi there Bolt Community ☕️ We're excited to announce the launch of two new community projects: the Bolt People Directory ( and the Community Showcases. Both initiatives will help our community to showcase the fantastic work of all Bolt developers and designers.…

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2 new milestones + monthly community meet-ups

Written by Ivo on November 12, 2020

Hi there Bolt Community ☕️ With stable release 4 out of the way, we're taking your favourite CMS further. Under the leadership of Bob, Bolt's creator, we have set two major development milestones over the next few months: 1. Make the Bolt Editor accessible Unfortunately, most co…

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